Letter Annotator

Originally custom-built to annotate letters as part of my Folger Fellowship, I realised it might be useful as a lightweight general annotator for data, for example for machine learning labelling. I like using Google sheets for a few reasons, it records every change made in its history, and multiple people can work on the same document. Probably most importantly, it's a way of recording persistent data without having to learn how to install or use database software, which often requires a paid-for server. You can also manually make changes to the data - the annotator doesn't care. It has a graphic display telling you how many rows of data are labelled and yet to be labelled.

State Papers Online Reference Creator

A very simple application - paste an English State Papers reference, and receive a correctly formatted reference.

UK Coronavirus Test Providers Dashboard

This page takes the list of providers for 2 and 8 day corona tests as found [here]( and converts it into a simple dashboard. Use the sliders and selecter to filter the table to a preferred range of providers. Made using R, particularly rvest and crosstalk. Brief code tutorial available soon!