State Papers Visual Search

Screenshot of Application

This application is designed as a way to make searching through a very large mass of documents (the 170,000 letters of the Stuart State Papers) for relevant results easier. Users can enter a keyword in the search bar, which displays a small bar chart of ‘hits’ for that term per year.

Clicking and dragging on a year range on that bar chart displays geographic hits, for that period, in a miniature map in another window. Finally, the user draws a shape (either a polygon or rectangle) on the map, which displays all letters with the selected parameters as a network diagram in the main viewing pane.

Clicking on an ‘edge’ (a line denoting a letter sent between two individuals) displays all the relevant letters in date order, along with their brief descriptions from the Calendars of State Papers.

Yann Ryan
Yann Ryan
Research Fellow, Networking Archives Project

I’ve been at Queen Mary, University of London since 2014 and recently completed a PhD in the history of early modern news.