network analysis

A Short Guide to Historical Newspaper Data, Using R

An guide (work in progress) to downloading and analysing historical newspaper data, using R

The Measure of the Archive: The Robustness of Network Analysis in Early Modern Correspondence

Network analysis of historical correspondence can be a fruitful way to address historical research questions, and has been increasingly used in historical studies over the past decade. As with many areas of quantitative humanities research, the …

Peripatetic Networks, The Impact of Mobility on an Early Modern Correspondence Network

A paper for Networks 2021, A Joint Sunbelt and Netsci Conference

Distant Reading Large Correspondence Archives Using Networks

A paper for Historical Networks Research, 2021

State Papers Visual Search

Shiny application built to navigate through the State Papers by time, location and date.

Temporal Clusters Browser

Shiny application buily to visualise temporal clusters in the State Papers network